This major artwork by installation artist

Susie MacMurray was on display in the Mansion at Tatton Park, Cheshire during the months of June-October 2019.

 MacMurray is known for her large-scale immersive installations that combine meticulous detail with a sense of spectacle and drama. Here thousands of individual elements of red velvet and barbed wire were suspended in Tatton Park’s grand rotunda creating a performative space that draws the viewer in.


MacMurray’s work often reflects on the nature of memories, mortality, loss and our physical bodies. In Gathering, each individual element suggests the imperfection of the body as the artist reflects on her own relationship with death and the precariousness of life. The work was in part a response to her husband’s death from cancer and the many elements that made up the work were made by MacMurray in collaboration with volunteers from East Cheshire Hospice.

Inspired in part by the history and the architecture of Tatton Park, Gathering cascaded like Spanish moss from the rotunda creating a theatrical installation that was both fragile and aggressive, confronting issues of beauty, pain, vulnerability and the ephemeral nature of life.


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